Cat S61 Review

by Aleksandar Stojanovic - Thermovision026 | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

Hi, I'm Aleksadar Stojanovic from Thermovision026.

Now we will talk more about this model. Thanks to my colleague Nikola Atlagić, now we have few samples with this one.

Picture 1. CAT S61

This model was the first CAT phone I had. I remember that it was too heavy, but I loved it.

One and only problem which I had with it was the battery.

I will not speak more about phone specification, just to highlight that this model has laser for measuring and aplication for air quality.

Picture 2. Mobile app

Picture 3. Air quality measurement

You can see the specification of this model here.

You can see more pictures from our inspection bellow. This one can make video.

Picture 4. Image mode

This model has Lepton 3.0 thermal sensor. You can find more specification on the link above.

Thermal resolution is 80x60. For that time it was fair enough.

This model offers 2 imaging modes (thermal and visual).

Picture 5. Thermal and visual picture

And nine pallets options. You can se with hot and cold parts how that look's.

Picture 6. Pallets


1) Very well equipped rugged phone with different sensors.
2) Thanks to the MSX thechnology do the thermal images not look like 80x60 pixels.


1) Pretty low resolution

In the end, here you can find some pictures of our inspection:


Picture 7. Air leak

Picture 8. Heating pipe

Picture 9. Sink drain

Picture 10. Electrical parts

Picture 11. Water leak

Picture 12. Roof insulation

Picture 13. Heating pipe

Picture 14. Damaged heating pipe

Picture 15. Hot water pipe