Hikmicro B1L Review

by Aleksandar Stojanovic - Thermovision026 | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

Hi, I'm Aleksadar Stojanovic from Thermovision026. I'm certificated level II thermographer, with more than 4 years of experience in home inspection, and also with more than 5 years of experience in thermography. So far, I have used different brands (Flir, Testo, LAND, Hikmicro, Bosch, etc). I'm doing home inspection in Serbia and my mission is to give more information to our clients about their problems etc.

Last year we bought two models from Hikmicro (B1L and Pocket 2). They have good distribution network, you can check for your country in their website.

Let's start our review for B1L model.

Let's start with unboxing. The box case is great. Bellow, you can see pictures about this model. Hikmicro B1L is a handled thermal camera. Can be used in Building, Electrical, HVAC inspection etc. It has an easy interface and it is not heavy.

Picture 1. Case box

Picture 2. Unboxing

In addition, we will speak more about PROS and CONS. You can see more pictures from our inspection.


1) It has 25Hz refresh rate, which is good for fast inspection.

2) Thermal resolution is 160x120 resolution. Price is cheaper than cameras with same resolution from other brands.

Picture 3. Moisture

Picture 4. Energetic efficiency of Buildings

Picture 5. Heating

3) It has great Software for Analyzer, and it's for free. You can download from their website. There you can change thermography parameters and generate a report. The software offer report templates for different type of inspections...

Picture 6. HIKMICRO Analyzer

Picture 7. Report templates

4) There is a possibility of connecting our camera to mobile app and this way our clients can track our inspections.

5) The B1L can store approx. 30,000 images.

6) Hikmicro offers also a macro lens for inspection of electronic boards.


1) For me there is only one: No digital camera. Other HIKMICRO models have a 8MPix daylight camera.

2) This one is not about camera, but it's about customer support. There were some problems with last firmware update, and the adequate support was not given.

In the end, here are some pictures of our inspection:


Picture 8. Detection of water pipes in wall

Picture 9. Heating

Picture 10. Thermal bridges

Picture 11. Water leak

Picture 12. Air leak

Picture 13. Moisture

Picture 14. Fuses