Hikmicro Pocket2 Review

by Aleksandar Stojanovic - Thermovision026 | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

Hi, I'm Aleksadar Stojanovic from Thermovision026.

After writing review for B1L, now we can talk about Pocket 2.

Picture 1. Hikmicro Pocket 2 - samples

What can we say about this model?

I love it. It is easy to operate, make and transfer pictures. It has some issues, but overall it’s has good price quality ratio.

Let’s start with unboxing.

The case box (picture 2.) is much more stronger than the one for B1L model, and it comes with small suitcase for you camera. Inside of its suitcase you can put USB cable which you can use for fast picture transfer.

Picture 2. Case box

Picture 3. Hard-pouch

Picture 4. Hikmicro Pocket 2

The camera is easy to carry and hold. It has not too fast bootup time, but easy interface, with touch screen. It has good design, you can hold it with just one hand.

The camera offers 5 imaging modes (thermal, fusion (similar to Flir’s MSX), PIP, optical, blending).

This models offers 2 ranges: -20°C to 150°C and 100°C to 400°C.

It has great Software for Analyzer, and it's for free. You can download it from their website. There you can change thermography parameters and generate a report. The software offers report templates for different type of inspections.

Picture 5. HIKMICRO Analyzer

Picture 6. Report samples

Last year I was considering buying either B20 or Pocket 2, but thanks to Mark I bought this model.

Now we can explain step buy step PROS and CONS. You can see more pictures from our inspection bellow.


1) It has 25Hz refresh rate, which is good for fast inspection.

2) Pocket 2 can make videos. We will input more videos from our inspection etc.

3) Thermal resolution is 256x192 (49,152 pixels).

Picture 7. Thermal bridge - windows

Picture 8. Water leak

Picture 9. Damaged pipes - fan coil system

Picture 10. Heating inspection

Picture 11. Flat roof inspection

4) It has digital zoom up to 4x. Now, thanks to my neighbors, you can see how that looks. Also you can see that thermal and digital picture are not at same position. You adjust visible image in analyzer.

Picture 12. Adjust visible image

Picture 13. Zoom 1x and 2x

Picture 14. Zoom 3x and 4x

5) NEDT (noise equivalent differential temperature) is > 40 mK. That is really ok for this price.

Picture 15. NEDT

6) NEDT (noise equivalent differential temperature) is > 40 mK. That is really ok for this price.

Picture 16. Blending picture image

7) Level and Span Mode - Beside auto and manual, 1-Tap touch-screen option was input as well. This is the option that I use a lot. You can focus specific area.

Picture 17. 1-Tap touch-screen option


1) Visual camera resolution is 8 MP. That is not enough. Somethimes I need to use my phone to make digital picture.

Picture 18. With vs without daylight

One more interesting thing that I found is that in camera settings, you can change if you want to use 2, 5MP or 8MP.

Picture 19. Visible image resolution

2) It’s not of crucial importance, but this model doesn’t have laser point.

3) Another thing is not enough fast bootup-time. But not more than few seconds.

In the end, here are some pictures of our inspection:


Picture 20. Bathtube

Picture 21. Water leak

Picture 22. Electrical cables

Picture 23. Heating

Picture 24. Floor heating

Picture 25. Thermal bridges

Picture 26. Flat roof inspection

Picture 27. Water pipes

Picture 28. Energetic efficiency of buildings